If 2018 wrote about Me

Welcome to the Land of Time. Here we Years are the kings. Every Year, the crown gets passed on from the reigning Years to their descendants, and I am 2017’s, which itself took the crown from 2016 a year ago, and has literally been giving his speech ever since. We’re all big on speeches over […]

The Chore Manualย 

For the very enlightening and sophisticated purpose of education, I have stayed at hostels ever since I passed out of school all those years ago. I returned only in 2016, after my graduation.  I can be pretty introverted at times, and my stint at hostel only accentuated my trait of being a little self-centered to […]


When in life things go downhill Like they tend to When sorrow is all My senses see and Feel I remind myself to Trust God to make it right When my path seems fraught with difficulties When silver linings are all but distant dreams I always remember to Trust God with all my might For […]

My Tryst with Poetry

I just have to note one little thing before I start, more to myself than for anybody else : whatever collection of writings I’m putting together, in whatever phase of my life, I always end up choosing to title at least one of them using the words “A Tryst With *insert variable*”. The word just […]